Video artists

Dan Lowe
#philosophy #glitch #landscape

1:12, 2013, Video Art

Harvested mp4 files from Twitter’s video service, Vine, are arranged and structured through their own internal, user defined form of categorization, the hashtag. In this instance..
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Mk Yurttas.

3:30, 2014, Video Art

(Bear)d is an auto-portrait which reflects my mental and bodily transformation period against heteronormative body technologies. In the video, like in an animative fictional space;..
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Marius Rodriguez
...niland 1

13:11, 2009, Video Art

...niland 1 is built on the separating line of both water and air, the center of which is the man in adaptation by a rise of the sea level. ...niland 1 builds new landscapes on the..
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Marius Rodriguez
...niland 2

9:56, 2011, Video Art

..niland 2 tells about the adaptation and transformation of man to a life beneath the water surface. The interface of air and water functions as the indicator of a climate influenc..
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Angelo Picozzi

6:03, 2006, Video Art

00:06:03:08 is a digital degeneration of both sound and image. The natural element of water is progressively reduced to its digital essence - a series of pulsating patterns of ligh..
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Mendel Kaelen

7:32, 2011, Video Art

“There it is, the sea, the most incomprehensible of non-human existences. And here is the woman, on the beach, the most incomprehensible of living beings. As the human being one ..
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Mendel Kaelen

6:56, 2011, Video Art

‘Most of us were suffering from various degrees of beach fatigue, that chronic malaise which exiles the victim to a limbo of endless sunbathing, dark glasses and afternoon terrac..
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Mendel Kaelen

17:22, 2011, Video Art

Clouds... Today I’m conscious of the sky, but there are days when I just feel it and don’t look at it, when I just live in the city and not in the world of nature that includes..
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Sophie Kahn

5:30, 2011, Video Art

04302011 is a 5 minute, 40 second video of 38 New Yorkers who visited my studio to have their portrait made in 3d. The result is an identity parade of textured 3d scans of their fa..
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Jennifer Wilkey
10 (procedure 10)

3:30, 2007, Video Art

The procedure series is a sequential series of videos that explore the experience of a hospital patient, both mentally and physically. the word procedure refers to a medical act pr..
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Seunghee Park
10 minutes smiling, 10 minutes..

10:29, 2011, Video Art

Self Sports ‘Self Sports’ is a video series about time, action and change. I do one action such as smiling, listening without stop during 10 minutes. As passing the time, ev..
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Michael O’Donnell

8:56, 2014, Experimental

10/9 is a study in memory, age, and identity. The film comprises nine contemplations regarding a man in his tenth decade, revealing the emotive layers of reflection and anticipatio..
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Lemeh Fortytwo

1:34, 2006, Video Art

According to an external law an object can move in any direction. During a common night we found a distortion in our own mind. The collected letters on an unknown poet. We read and..
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Igor Bosnjak
13 photos

5:22, 2008, Video Art

It is a video work that examines the shift between the two types of media practice: the film/movie (as the moving picture) and the photography (as the static image). How far can on..
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Robin Whenary

5:30, 2007, Fiction

A young man stops at a telephone box to call his mother, but she is busy and takes an age to answer the phone. Made for an A-Level Film and Video course in 2002, but not screened p..
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Cyril Galmiche
149 avenue boulevard Davout - ..

7:07, 2014, Experimental

This video is from the series "One day" and shows the different times of day. It was shot on 12 March 2014 at 149 boulevard Davout in Paris. Each video composing the series lasts 7..
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Liang Shuo
15 minutes behaviour

1:08, 2007, Video Art

This Movie contains 3 real life episodes of the life of a Young man: in his room waiting, drinking, smoking, doing nothing and everything. Fifteen minutes precise slow motion actin..
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Sabijn Peeters

0:55, 2011, Fiction

A meeting on a train from Eindhoven to Tilburg
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Evo Preisner

2:44, 2013, Video Art

The video 1933 is commissioned by Enrico Tomaselli for the project 100X100=900, the 50th birthday of Video-Art. Hundred video-artists from around the world each represent 1 year of..
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Gokhan Okur
2 hit combo

0:59, 2008, Animation

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Matt Frodsham
2 inches to the right

2:20, 2010, Animation

A bit about the poem from Mat Lloyd: "I wrote the poem on a canvas with a marker pen the morning after I was attacked. The night before I was in my local park on the opening day of..
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