Video artists

Lemeh Fortytwo

1:34, 2006, Video Art

According to an external law an object can move in any direction. During a common night we found a distortion in our own mind. The collected letters on an unknown poet. We read an..
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Liang Shuo
15 minutes behaviour

1:08, 2007, Video Art

This Movie contains 3 real life episodes of the life of a Young man: in his room waiting, drinking, smoking, doing nothing and everything. Fifteen minutes precise slow motion acti..
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Louise Ashcroft
Actions in london

5:49, 2011, Video Art

Actions in London is an ongoing series of spontaneous interventions in public space, which arise from a series of urban walks.
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Liesbeth Verhoeven
Anedotas de brasil

10:00, 2007, Animation

This work deals with the fact that every individual will interpret and often manipulate the information that he receives in his own unique way. When i was in Brasil, i asked a few ..
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Luana Visciglia
As angels under the snow

1:00, 2009, Video Art

The End of the Winter. The sun.
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Lucie Eidenbenz
As we sleep

9:59, 2009, Music video

A woman is drowning into images that her unconscious is creating, observing herself like a double-figure, being involved in strange situations that are phenomenons of her intimate ..
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Leopold Fiala
Asthetics of movements

3:02, 2010, Experimental

A University project about the aesthetics of animals. We decided to make a movie about the movements of all the animals discussed in our course. Falko Schnelle makes the moves, w..
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Liesbeth Verhoeven
Betty hanging

8:01, 2011, Experimental

One of the alter egos of Liesbeth Verhoeven is Betty Orange, a girl who’s dreaming to fly and she’s doing a lot of experiments to fly. In this video you see her hanging in a t..
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Lisa Vinebaum
Blow up

3:45, 2006, Narrative

Blow up is an experimental work of narrative fiction. It is a thematically and visually challenging artist’s video that grapples with the complex subject of urban/Western suicide..
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Lisa Vinebaum

10:32, 2010, Fiction

In the aftermath of terrorist attacks in London in 2005, the fictional protagonist in Breakdown becomes so fearful of taking public transportation that she gradually stops taking t..
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Lucia Jeesun Lee

6:40, 2015, Experimental

One day on my flight, as i look over the window, I started imagining this creature floating on the sky, striving to balance its buoyancy.
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Luca Libertino

15:00, 2006, Experimental

Somebody gets out for working. Somebody gets out for shopping. Somebody's not going to get out at all, and gets self-closed at home. A dumb mood slides besides awakening, a tin..
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Lindsey Graham
Cravings and triggers

3:00, 2010, Experimental

Cravings & Triggers is the second music video created for the band Lowlight, as part of their second visual album project, A Beautiful Lie: A Visual Album. Visually engaging, A Bea..
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Liesbeth Verhoeven
De sneeuw kwam tot de rand van..

8:59, 2009, Experimental

Translation of film title: the snow came to the edge of the bed. A child-like experience of having to lie in bed for almost 10 months.
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Leonardo Mateus
Distant star

6:43, 2012, Video Art

A Silent Film.
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Lucas Sa
Dr. lang and the science of me..

2:59, 2011, Fiction

Dr Lang created your biggest invention!
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Luca Christian Mander

4:00, 2005, Video Art

In this video a familiar, daily scenery changes its logical and visual meaning by the title and through a de-contextualizing framing in which the single shot is being magnified and..
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Larisa David

2:30, 2012, Video Art

The piece, Eggs, has a ritualistic form in which the action of breaking is repeated over and over, reminding us of the habit of destroying objects on New Year’s Eve, in some cult..
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Lin Fangsuo

2:12, 2007, Video Art

The work “Exploitation” uses the pressure of a hard (exterior) force against a soft (fruit) force to express the by-products of fragile individuals under the dual ideological m..
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Liang Shuo
Fifteen colors

11:00, 2007, Video Art

This Movie contains 3 real life episodes of the life of a Young man: in his room waiting, drinking, smoking, doing nothing and everything. Fifteen minutes precise slow motion acti..
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Lorenzo Fumagalli

2:12, 2010, Experimental

L’atmosfera è irreale, grigia e silenziosa...A tv spenta un colpo di fucile centra il video, poi un altro. È il massacro, la vendetta sul pianeta televisivo, non c’era altro ..
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Lingjie Wang
Floating in the dark

6:36, 2013, Video Art

Wandering in the night, floating in the dark. Video filmed in Bamako, Mali, in the district Djicoroni Para, with the broadcast of muezzin’s calls. By the lacking of public stree..
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Lenka Klimesova
Found footage site specific ar..

6:42, 2009, Video Art

The architecture found footage story. There is an old amphitheatre and many analogue films in this video. A monument of an irrecoverable ideology. The absurdity of the political id..
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Leslie Supnet
Gains and losses

3:26, 2010, Animation

Through situational vignettes, gains + losses illustrates the filmmaker’s thoughts on death and other personal, day-to-day anxieties. The work touches on internal grief, temp..
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Lj Frezza
Golden eye

6:04, 2013, Experimental

Propaganda is the dissemination of data and surveillance is the collection of data. This is an abridged history of surveillance in the 20th Century, every James Bond movie released..
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Lior Harlev

7:02, 2014, Experimental

A mysterious human like creature is revealed entangled within a thick bamboo undergrowth. Performing a repetitive sequence of ceremonial like movements, is he trying to communicate..
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Liliana De Vries
Hold Back

18:57, 2015, Experimental

When a young introvert skater falls in love with the girlfriend of one of his best friends, he’s pushed to his limits by those closest to him.
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Lucas Sa

2:56, 2011, Fiction

Get your camera Kojak!
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Lucia Flego

4:20, 2010, Experimental

American cities with their frenetic live have welcomed several different ethnic groups who have adapted to their new social contest but keeping strongly alive their identity. In th..
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La Cause

5:57, 2008, Experimental

The chief group his warriors together. The last war can begin.
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Luis Antonio Pereira

01:20:00, 2014, Experimental

Mina (Priscila Fantin) is doing time for social security fraud, involving Senator Franco (Antonio Calloni). The Senator thinks that she could snitch him to the authorities. So, he ..
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Lluis Masachs

10:39, 2007, Documentary

This work, made throughout 2007 tells us the passage of the seasons and the fragility of the nature. All images are shoot in Catalonia (Spain), and my intention is to show people t..
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Lior Har Lev

4:41, 2014, Video Art

A male and a female emerging from the darkness, thriving to connect but blocked by an invisible barrier and their inability to remember who they are. A single or three channel vide..
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Lior Harlev

4:40, 2015, Expiremental, Video Dance

A couple, emerging from the darkness, thriving to connect but blocked by an invisible barrier and their inability to remember who they are. A single or three channel video work dea..
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Lucio De Candia
La terra mé

22:20, 2013, Documentary

Through interviews to a writer and poet, a farmer, a children and other people from l’Aquila (Italy), the documentary underlines the passion that ties them to their native land a..
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Lisa Hutton
London onion

2:14, 2006, Video Art

London Onion is inspired by Kurt Schwitters' text-sound poem and by my friend Jerome Rothenberg's reading of same.
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Luca Zuberbühler

13:20, 2013, Fiction

Forced to be alone: Whenever Lothar sneezes, nearby objects explode. To protect the world he locks himself into a subterranean home, isolated from the outer world. One day, an acci..
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Liesbeth Verhoeven
L’apiculteur et le charpenti..

3:12, 2010, Experimental

Translation of the film title: the beekeeper and the carpenter of Mas de Charrou. In the South of France Liesbeth Verhoeven and Emmy Emmy made costumes, inspired by the countrysi..
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Liesbeth Verhoeven
Mijn op de heidelpenn

3:20, 2004, Animation

Luisterend naar de droomtaal van Finnegan’s Wake, een roman van James Joyce, zijn tekeningen gemaakt die proberen de betekenis van de zinnen te vatten. Om deze ervaring te verbee..
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