Video artists

Mk Yurttas.

3:30, 2014, Video Art

(Bear)d is an auto-portrait which reflects my mental and bodily transformation period against heteronormative body technologies. In the video, like in an animative fictional space;..
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Marius Rodriguez
...niland 1

13:11, 2009, Video Art

...niland 1 is built on the separating line of both water and air, the center of which is the man in adaptation by a rise of the sea level. ...niland 1 builds new landscapes on the..
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Marius Rodriguez
...niland 2

9:56, 2011, Video Art

..niland 2 tells about the adaptation and transformation of man to a life beneath the water surface. The interface of air and water functions as the indicator of a climate influenc..
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Mendel Kaelen

7:32, 2011, Video Art

“There it is, the sea, the most incomprehensible of non-human existences. And here is the woman, on the beach, the most incomprehensible of living beings. As the human being one ..
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Mendel Kaelen

6:56, 2011, Video Art

‘Most of us were suffering from various degrees of beach fatigue, that chronic malaise which exiles the victim to a limbo of endless sunbathing, dark glasses and afternoon terrac..
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Mendel Kaelen

17:22, 2011, Video Art

Clouds... Today I’m conscious of the sky, but there are days when I just feel it and don’t look at it, when I just live in the city and not in the world of nature that includes..
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Michael O’Donnell

8:56, 2014, Experimental

10/9 is a study in memory, age, and identity. The film comprises nine contemplations regarding a man in his tenth decade, revealing the emotive layers of reflection and anticipatio..
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Matt Frodsham
2 inches to the right

2:20, 2010, Animation

A bit about the poem from Mat Lloyd: "I wrote the poem on a canvas with a marker pen the morning after I was attacked. The night before I was in my local park on the opening day of..
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Marianna O’reilly

4:38, 2011, Narrative

Well, I have to admit here that I am one of those rare people who have never had any real physical pain. When people, without knowing about this anxiety of mine, start bragging abo..
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Monica Spier

3:65, 2007, Experimental

The concept of recording each day for 365 days is an exercise in the awareness of the passage of time . The work becomes a memory of each days existence marking its irretrievable l..
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Marcantonio Lunardi
370 new world

5:08, 2014, Experimental

370 New World is a work on the new solitude created by the economic and social crisis which crossed the whole Europe in the last ten years. The human isolation which is displayed t..
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Mendel Kaelen

37:26, 2011, Video Art

’The great corrupter of public man is the ego.... Looking at the mirror distracts one’s attention from the problem.’ Dean Acheson
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Mendel Kaelen

3:54, 2011, Video Art

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Mendel Kaelen

6:02, 2011, Video Art

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Mendel Kaelen

4:43, 2011, Video Art

’Putting a foot up on the diving board, he looked down at Whitby’s ideogram. It covered almost the entire floor of the pool and at first glance appeared to represent a ..
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Mendel Kaelen

6:40, 2011, Video Art

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Marianna O’reilly
A little night music

11:38, 2008, Experimental

A Little Night Music
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Milica Rakic
A woman is a woman

4:43, 2010, Experimental

A woman is a woman examines the different ways that the exploration of emotion and language can be articulated, sometimes without words.
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Michael Davies
A world of non linearity (nerv..

10:19, 2011, Video Art

Blurred photographs merged into an animation. Sounds from sampling experiments, edited as if this was the soundtrack to a 10 minute journey across strange and dangerous territory, ..
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Myriam Thyes
After tiepolo

10:15, 2013, Video Art

AFTER TIEPOLO 2013, HD video for large projection at the ceiling, 10:15, loop, stereo. At the Wurzburg Residenz, M. Thyes recorded the famous 18th century ceiling fresco by Giovann..
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Marnix Goossens

6:00, 1999, Video Art

A space fully packed with transparant balloons filled with air. Watching the room through the window from outside give s a view of hundreds os of frozen milky soap balls. Then sudd..
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Melancholy Maaret
All the dead actresses recite ..

11:06, 2013, Video Art

ALL THE DEAD ACTRESSES RECITE THE WESTERN CANON FOR ROBERT PALMER ON A 1982 HOMEMADE VHS, is part of a multi-disciplinary installation examining presentational versus representatio..
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Masanori Yamaguchi

3:35, 2013, Video Art

Ancient Japan  Civilization had flourished but people had many problem and anxiety . Goddess gives people purification and wisdom. Then people took hands each other. ..
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Miriam Bliese
An der tür

5:00, 2013, Fiction

A man comes to pick up his son at his ex-wife’s house, just like every weekend. As always, he waits at the entrance of her apartment building for his son to come down stairs. But..
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Maze Boer
Another day

5:00, 2006, Narrative

Een man beleeft de dagen als een geregisseerde realiteit en laat niets aan het toeval over. Het ritme van de dag wordt bepaald door steeds terugkerende handelingen. Op een dag word..
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Marina Roy

14:20, 2010, Experimental

Apartment by Marina Roy is a 56-minute animation inspired by Georges Perec’s 1978 novel La vie, mode d’emploi, in which the author takes the reader through 100 rooms of an apar..
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Melo Viana

15:00, 2009, Experimental

The production of Latin American cinema is unknown even to the Latin Americans. The ARANCELES (tariff, duty, imposition) placed on the distribution set in jail all the creativity a..
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Myriam Thyes
Armament at lake constance

3:50, 2008, Animation

Armament at lake constance (switzerland, germany, austria, czech republic) this animation explores the cult of death in catholic ideology as manifested in numerous images in church..
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Michael Davies
Balance machine 1

4:09, 2011, Video Art

Disrupted graphics code set to a soundtrack of ambulance radio and bees. This project started with some Flash demo code that i was trying to learn. I soon realised that it was more..
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Marcin Sauter
Behind the fence

12:00, 2011, Documentary

This movie is a trial to go back to the childhood, vacation, hot summer... Countless details that are worth attention, things that have to be discovered, a lot of stories that had ..
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Max Sacker
Belle de lyon

10:00, 2013, Fiction

France in the sixties. Inspired by the writings of the marquis de sade, the beautiful young Séverine (Valeria Piskounova) betrays her peeping Tom husband with a small-time s..
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Meghdad Asadilari
Beyond the spheres

1:54, 2012, Experimental

Saturn and Jupiter space voices recorded by Cassini and Voyager. By extracting the features of these space audios, I have controlled some properties of particles to create these vi..
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Mayye Zayed
Black out

3:00, 2010, Documentary

The video is about a demonstration that took place on the 16th of June 2010 near Khaled Saeeds house in Cleopatra district in Alexandria protesting against his murder. On June 7, 2..
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Maria Brendle
Blinder passagier

20:00, 2013, Fiction

After running away from an orphanage, 8-year old Emma believes to have found the perfect hiding place in the apartment of a blind woman named Evelyn then to her, Emma is invisible...
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Mirjam Tally

8:00, 2007, Video Art

Experimental film, which is shot frame-by-frame with 8mm camera. It follows different rythms in urban society. Old abandoned greenhouses from the Soviet time and quick changes in m..
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Marlijn Franken
Blue medusa

5:07, 2011, Video Art

Abstracted footage of nature and structures synced to the composition Medusa Excerpt, with added filters to strengthen the imagery. Images and sound are created as a collaboration ..
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Michael Ebert

2:54, 2006, Animation

Bluescape is an experimental animation clip about the process of remembering. Something is triggered in the protagonist-s mind, resulting in a cascade of memories strong enough to ..
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Marta Daeuble

2:00, 2003, Experimental

This stop motion animation unravels the mysteries of the written page when the book is brought to life, only to reveal the ever lasting search for love and self identity. drawing a..
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Mulugeta Gebrekidan
Boundaries bound

1:37, 2011, Video Art

This work shows the problematic situations and suffering of especially african artists who want to travel around the world to show their works or explore the world. Originally ..
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