Video artists

Paul Gabel
A landscape drawing

20:00, 2012, Video Art

A Landscape Drawing is an experiment in storytelling. In four Acts, tracking shots of mountains, basins and plains jump-cut into one another over the cues of classical music. What ..
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Patrick Mahoney
A new computer

4:00, 2006, Animation

About one man’s experience with a new computer. It is a short reflection on technological clutter.
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Paul Beck
A thousand pound bomb

4:16, 2010, Animation

Winning parts through body parts
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Pawel Stasiewicz
After the signal dial one

4:59, 2015, Experimental

Video about chinese whispers child game, for both ears separately.
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Paul Malone
Aphrodite urania

9:59, 2008, Experimental

A cosmological conceit re-visiting Venus, Velikovsky and planetary orbits. Encompassing a journey to explore that planet as a metaphorical waterworld and anastrophic imperative. As..
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Pieter Geenen

11:00, 2008, Video Art

In 2009 the construction of the Three Gorges Dam on the Chinese Yangtze River will be complete. Due to this construction 632 sq km of land on a length of 660 km upstream floods up ..
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Paul Harrison
Away from the unknown

7:28, 2011, Animation

Away from the Unknown is a digital stop motion animation that explores a notion of Hyper reality. So this piece is looking at an opinion that i have in which currency is a form of ..
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Pascal Flörks

8:14, 2014, Animation

My grandpa’s past was always very present. It would break through in something he’d say or do, but he’d never talk about it. Only now, by revisiting his life and personality ..
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Pascale Guillon

5:27, 2011, Animation

An old whippet hound limps across a cemetary, a washer-woman with a peacock head drags along piles of dirty laundry and a staunchly religious sheep praying to Jesus suddenly starts..
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Patryk Rebisz
Between you and me

5:00, 2006, Narrative

Life in a big social community; big city; night.
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Przemek Wegrzyn
Black t

6:32, 2010, Experimental

Black Trinitron is a name of an old TV set from artist’s family house. It’s technology was based on a structure of vertical lines. The TV set is completely out-of-order. The im..
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Paul Jones
Boundary interactions: roll

1:00, 2011, Video Art

The Artist attempts to roll UP an hill
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Paul Duyvis
Brasil 91

20:00, 2006, Experimental

De film vervolgt met een dag uit het leven van bewoners in Bahia, in het noord oosten van Brazilie.
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Patricia Martinez Arastey

5:00, 2012, Narrative

Character study short film. A mental hospital patient has a visit from his brother where they talk about past events in the family life leading to reveal the real truth about t..
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Paul Duyvis

7:30, 2001, Video Art

The two video-s form a diptych: an old serious woman slowly moving and young girls full of laughter jumping around. An old woman performs a daily ritual in a church. She does it wi..
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Paul Malone
Cereal city

6:10, 2011, Experimental

Preparing breakfast can be a hazardous business, coming as it does when the chef d’hùte is only recently released from the world of dreams. The colourful world of the Cerea..
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Paula Jimenez
Death choreography

1:31, 2011, Documentary

A subtle and spontaneous choreography around death recorded by chance in Haarlem (Holland).
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Philip Cerovic
Djeco, idite za suncem...

14:06, 2010, Experimental

The film consists of archival material. All archives and music are listed at the end of the film. The film is an artistic presentation of the rise and fall of a nation and not a po..
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Piotr Żołądź

2:35, 2015, Experimental

Abstract film in three parts. I wanted to make a film that would be " flexible " as to the form and at the same time showing what can be animated in the context of contemporary art..
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Paul Duyvis
Guilin girls

7:30, 1996, Video Art

A Story of an Encounter without Words about watching each other with curiosity. The beautiful music comes from a cassete given to me by a traditional Singer living in Inner Mongoli..
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Piotr Bockowski
Gunkanjima: the isle of demons

4:40, 2011, Experimental

Gunkanjima is a symbol of industrial revolution in Asia. A completely man-made concrete island of Mitsubishi corporation, had operated as a working camp in Nagasaki bay for almost ..
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Pedro Nunes

10:00, 2010, Experimental

The collision between a man and a woman gives birth to an aquatic confinement. The woman indulges in a subtle and gracious existence. The fusion with what nature awakes on her impe..
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Patrick Loy
I am ana

8:29, 2011, Experimental

A young woman must confront what she has done to herself. David Lynch Homage Project
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Pipilotti Rist
I want to see how you see (or ..

5:27, 2011, Video Art

In this video Rist explores the macrocosm of humanity in a video, art and music collaboration. A lyrical tale of a witch’s coven is played over images of a person where each ..
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Paul Gabel
I will always wait (it will ne..

8:56, 2006, Video Art

In a film that captures Wall Street at a point between deconstruction (the shrouded Deutsche Bank) reconstruction (7 World Trade Center) and destruction (the absent Trade Towers), ..
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Pascale Barret
Js bach: f25.0 f94.2 disorder

17:23, 2008, Video Art

Edited as a screen of camera controls, this project confronts images downloaded on the website youtube, filmed by the artist in public spaces, and captured on the internet game sec..
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Peter Martin

3:32, 2015, Experimental

A short film about a group of artists from S1 Artspace in Sheffield and why they love Karaoke.
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Patrícia Alex
La caja de cambios

8:40, 2011, Documentary

Anyone who moves around with the help of wheels does it because he can't walk. She is starting to move around in her electric motorcycle and is beginning to adapt to the change..
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Permafrost Permafrost
Let me talk to the driver

3:00, 2006, Experimental

Let me talk to the driver
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Patryk Rebisz
Let"s build a fire

4:00, 2006, Music video

Music video for "Plus/Minus" band. Over 170 burnt Polaroids tell a story of starting all over again when life goes sour. The footage of burning was also shot with still camera (in ..
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Paul Jones
Liminal spaces

2:00, 2011, Video Art

A figure stands between the threshold of between spaces.
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Peter Snelling
Living statistic

11:00, 2008, Documentary

Alex Kacheppa had acted in a film I had made a year before the police raided his house and I knew nothing about the situation his family were in. When the news spread of his attemp..
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Piotr Lis

2:56, 2011, Video Art

The video speaks about limits of our consciousness, the dimensions that are often difficult to distinguish connect, separated by a conventional border. It is an attempt to challeng..
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Pjer Zalica
Mostar sevdah reunion

10:00, 2000, Documentary

Pjer Žalica is a Bosnian film director, born in Sarajevo, Yugoslavia (now Bosnia and Herzegovina) in 1964. He has directed several short films (Mostar Sevdah Reunion 2000) as well..
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Pieter Geenen
Nocturne #2

12:00, 2012, Video Art

Registered with a mobile phone camera in the spring of 2011, ’nocturne #2’ shows the central lanes and squares of Tehran, and its surrounding streets, at the most quiet and emp..
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Paulo Mota
Olha para mim...

21:00, 2011, Experimental

A man goes back in time, goes back to his childhood. After facing those moments he questions his own will to live.
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Paul Dudin
One way ticket

80:00, 2012, Fiction

A young woman Eva wants to turn back her dead daughter. A scientist named Nicola offers her his help by using a machine, which brings people to another worlds. It can close a time ..
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Patrick Loy
Out of a limb

3:16, 2011, Experimental

Dream Elusive Productions presents a Post-Romantic Comedy for those who are missing something. Two people must overcome physical mutilation in order to prove their love for each..
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Patrick Loy
Peace & dance

6:41, 2011, Documentary

Emily and Preston Klik bring together spirituality and dance for a special event that happens once a month.
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