Johannes Gierlinger - Vision of traces

1:09, 2012, Experimental
Vision of traces is a secondary project which resulted from a previous attempt of removing the
surface of found footage filmstrip on to paper with the aid of chemicals. The visible elements of the
found footage filmmaterial, which shows mostly rehearsals and not used filmscenes, are the
remaining traces of that film printing process.
DirectorJohannes GierlingerProducerJohannes Gierlinger

CountryAustriaEdition2013 Screenings30th Kassel Documentary and Videofestival, Germany, 2013

MUMOK - Museum of Modern Art Vienna - Proben aufs Exempel, Vienna, 2013

Über das Scheitern - Raum für Kunst - KunstQuartier Salzburg, AT 2013

Mayday Moving Images - Friday Exit, Vienna, 2013

Kunsthalle Wien - Early birds, Vienna, 2013

Every wall is a door - Salzburger Kunstverein - Annual exhibition, Salzburg , 2012

Kunsthalle Wien - Project Space Karlsplatz - Early birds , Vienna, 2012

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