Piotr Bockowski - Voodoo in the afternoon

6:55, 2013, Experimental
Fetishist phantasy while blow drying the cactus. Electric massage googles showcase the bondage scene on the pink walls. Mysterious phone call connects us with rope lines on the bodies of a couple, drowning in the sea of dream.
DirectorPiotr Bockowski, Cristine BracheProducerPiotr Bockowski, Cristine BracheWriterPiotr Bockowski, Cristine BracheCameraAzusa Itagaki, Cristine Brache, Piotr BockowskiEditorPiotr Bockowski, Cristine BracheComposerKikiilimikiliiCrewActors: Piotr Bockowski, Cristine Brache

CountryChinaEdition2013 BudgetNo budgetScreeningsParis Festival for Different and Experimental Cinema, Paris (France) 2013
XXXgallery, Hong Kong 2013
“Unlimited Possibilities”, B-TV (channel 28 of Berkeley cable), USA 2013
Phantom Limbs, Macau 2013
Loft345, Guangzhou, China 2013

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