Dave Zijlstra - Afterlife talk

5:46, 2013, Fiction
A young model-like man comes home and waits for the elevator. Just like any other day. He opens the window and climbs into the window frame. Will he jump?
DirectorDave ZijlstraProducerDave ZijlstraWriterDave ZijlstraCameraDave ZijlstraEditorDave Zijlstra


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Who is Dave Zijlstra?
I"m a filmmaker, video artist and photographer. Living in The Hague, The Netherlands.

What is Afterlife talk about?
It"s about a young guy who is waiting for an elevator. When something different happens during that everyday moment it makes him aware of something more or less unimportant, but with big consequence.

How did you start with film? And do you have an educational background in art or film?
I studied photography at the art school in The Hague. There I started with video art and after graduation I felt like doing fiction.

Could you explain how you work, what themes or concepts you use and what is important to you?
This film (Afterlife talk) started with having that some experience and thought when waiting for an elevator, as the character in the film is experiencing and thinking. It inspired me to make a short film around that moment and with that same elevator. How fiction and reality relate to each other is an important concept for my art work.

How long do you usually work on one project?
It depends (of course). The edit of a film can take a long time, up to a few months.

Do you carefully plan the production process or do you work more intuitive?
Intuitive during the shoot! A good pre-productions is also important.

How does the title relate to the work, and how do you find a fitting title?
The title Afterlife talk in a way explains what (I think) happens when the film fades to black.

Where do you get your ideas or inspiration from?
Personal experiences mainly.

How important is sound in film, and if you use sounds, do you create your own or use existing?
Very important! Existing sound, but sometimes I enhance the existing sound in a way it becomes a "new" sound.

How does content relate to the form of your work?
It"s the content that makes my short films fiction. I guess?

What possibilities of the web are yet to be explored?
Hard to say (I"m not an expert). Secure privacy, perhaps?

Did the web changed your view on art, or your career?
I love the idea of art being available to everyone. The web provides this possibility.

Where would you place your work; cinema or art. And what is the difference between those according to you?
It depends on how you define "cinema" and "art".

How influential is the reaction to your film by the audience?
Not at all.

What is your next project about?
I"m working an a documentary film and have some on going photography projects.

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