Vincenzo Vecchio - Videoermetica 0

4:26, 2013, Video Art
Alphanumeric language like the verbal can become the common language, consequentially change logs and artistic canons as it was for the avant-garde. Videoermetica is a flow in video of scientific languages ​​applied to an artistic research.

"VideoErmetica investigates the alphanumeric ​​and scientific languages to deconstruct the formal language. According to this concept all forms of art must be related to an alphanumeric language established by mathematics"

CountryItalySubtitlesNoneEdition2013 ScreeningsImbiancheria del Vajro, november 10th > 25th 2012, Chieri
Galleria Nazionale, Palazzo Arnone, october 6th > november 4th 2012, Cosenza
MACA contemporary art museum, september 15th > october 6th 2012, Acri

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