Ben Winkeler - Superficie ondulada

6:46, 2011, Video Art
"Superficie ondulada", which means wavy surface, is a short film collaborative project by Ben (camera and edit) and ferrie = differentieel (soundtrack).
The shots were made in Llagostera (Spain) in August 2011
The soundtrack is a variation based on ’Premiere Communion de la Vierge’ (The Virgin’s First Communion) by Olivier Messiaen played by Henry Wong Doe on a Yamaha Disklavier Pro Mark IV concert grand piano completely reworked and arranged by ferrie = differentieel
DirectorBen WinkelerProducerBen WinkelerCameraBen WinkelerEditorBen WinkelerComposerferrie = differentieel


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What is Superficie ondulada about?
Superficie Ondulada means ’wavy surface’. It’s about the changes of the water surface of a swimmingpool. But also changes in rythms, colours and moods. An experimental film of images, sounds and music.

How did you start with film? And do you have an educational background in art or film?
My father started filming in the early sixtees (8mm) We watched these movies with the whole family on a silver screen in a dark livingroom. I loved to watch these family films. I guess that inspired me to make family movies myself. When I discovered vimeo
4 years ago, I was inspired by many short films of people all over the world. I watched a lot of videos and try to learn from them.. Giving comment and getting response of other people inspired me more and more.

Could you explain how you work, what themes or concepts you use and what is important to you?
I’d love to go out early in the morning and enjoy the silence, being alone, enjoying nature. The joy and excitement of capturing a beautiful moment, animal, landscape etc. Is important to me. I haven’t a plan in advance. I capture what comes my way and what I like. At home I watch, what I have captured and search for music that suits the images well. I edit in an intuitive way, trying to get a chemistry between images and music. I’m glad I met some musicians on vimeo who wants to work with me on a video. ( ferrie = differentieel, Garry B and Pablo. J Garmón) I met ferrie = differentieel (who made the music for Superficie Ondulada) in real a few times. It’s inspiring to work together.
The themes or concepts I use are mostly: nature, experimentals (use of splitscreen and mirroreffects) living paintings (the same scene in painting and video showed in layers).

Where do you get your ideas or inspiration from?
Often I get ideas after I’ve shot the images. With the footage I try to find music that suits the images. Both are inspirational to get ideas for the edit. I get a lot of inspiration by watching others videos.

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