Qi You - A bowl of snow

7:39, 2014, Video Art
Experiencing a snowy winter this year in Alfred, I planed to make a video about snow. Observing fallen snow on the objects create a puffy shape. In my mind there is always an image of a bowl of snow. I put a rice bowl in the front yard on a snowy night, during the whole night, the bowl was perfectly covered with the snow as rice. I carefully carried it to the kitchen. I put this bowl of snow in different positions in the kitchen during the melting time and used the Cannon 5D camera for this documentary.
Observing this melting, this video also captured my little intentional movements in a narrative, like moving the chopsticks into the image, moving the coffee machine handle, walking along the table, washing the dishes...
Every moving position counted by the water drop sound, until the image moves to the falling snow.
In this looping video, this circulation of snow just continues. May 13, 2014
DirectorQi You

CountryUnited StatesEdition2014 Blue

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