Catherine Baret - La machine

10:00, 2006, Experimental
The machine : science fiction about people operating in a strange place to capture lungs on babies. It is a bank of lungs and babies are waiting and disappeared in a sewer just behind the hospital
DirectorCatherine Baret


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Who is Catherine Renaud Baret?
Painter, engraver, I began to work on experimental video since 2004

Your film is about?
We are in a kind of hospital. A machine is making lungs for babies and they make experiment on them.

How did you start with film? And do you have an educational background in art or film?
When you are a painter you love images and instead of doing one you can make hundreds of them when you work on video

Could you explain how you work, what themes or concepts and what is important to you?
I work in my studio. I don"t have actress and I work a lot with puppets. I am interested in maternity, because I am a woman I suppose but I have a very ambiguous attitude with maternity. It is what I try to express in my videos.

How does content relate to the form of your film?
Of course content relate to the form of my film. It is the beginning of my desire to make videos and I learn everything useful to attend the expression of the content.

How did the film come about? Everything (carefully) planned or more intuitive?
I always start with a precise idea, but because of the way I work, It changes a lot during the making of the movie

How do you finance your projects (by yourself, sponsors or subsidy)?
I don"t need any finance to make my movie, because I do everything by myself and I can work without being paid. The only things needed is a camescope and a computer.

New Media; a challenge for film makers?
The new media open the possibilities for a lot of artist to make movies without money.

How does the internet influence contemporary art in general according to you?
I am sure internet influence contemporary art, but it is difficult to analyse that when you are in the middle of it. Only the historians will notice that in several years later

What possibilities of the web are yet to be explored? Which dangers do you see ahead?
Probably a lot of other possibilities will be explore in the future. I don"t see any danger because we are all very responsible people!

YouTube? Why or why not?
Young people adore youtube. I do to. It does not have a strong spin, but it is open to everybody and I like that.

Does your work often circle the festival circuits, and do you visit festivals regularly?
Since 2004 I made around 150 experimental videos and a lot are shown in many festival, but I don"t visit them much.

Do you often meet and discuss with other film makers through the internet?
Not very much

How influential is the reaction to your film by the audience?
Some like very much, others hate them.

What is your next project about?
My next project is call "the wall" and it is about old age. I mixed real images and animation.


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