Brigid Burke - A glimpse

10:00, 2008, Music video
A Glimpse
Brigid Burke 2008

DVD (pal)
Duration10:00 minutes

The concept of A Glimpse was from the deconstruction of the soundboard inside the piano. The sounds and visuals are transformations from these images of the inside the piano and turntables spinning. The visual are heavily manipulated in various ways. The source of these images is from a series of drawings and photographs. The concept of the composition was to transform percussive sounds of the soundboard to another timbral plane of textural colours. The opening image of sound make a clean yet rough statement as to what is to come through dynamic and pulse alterations. This is broken down quite soon with many ‘peaks’ and subtle layers; the piece emerges into transformed sounds moving into complex paths and high overtones intricate pulses as if speaking to each other with hoarse interruptions of rumblings and outbursts.

DirectorBrigid BurkeProducerBrigid BurkeWriterBrigid BurkeCameraBrigid BurkeEditorBrigid Burke


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