Mark Tholander - ####

3:55, 2014, Video Art
#### was made in collaboration between contemporary artist Mark Tholander, and Sam Lomberg, a 93-year old former film producer. They made this video as a reflection on how the world has changed into a hybrid reality where the space between the physical and the virtual is fluid. A change from an analogous sphere to a digital sphere. A change that cannot be reversed and which has changed the way we perceive the world.
DirectorMark TholanderProducerMark TholanderWriterMark TholanderCameraMark TholanderEditorMark TholanderComposerMark TholanderCrewNarration: Sam Lomberg

CountryDenmarkLanguageEnglishSubtitlesNoneEdition2014 BlueScreeningsFOKUS 2014 Video Art Festival Nikolaj Kunsthal Copenhagen

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