Tobias Schönenberg - Zehn sekunden himmel

11:30, 2014, Fiction
Leon’s (19) health seemed stable within the last years, until he was recently admitted to the hospital with cardiac arrhythmias. The consequence was an emergency surgery on the heart. For a few seconds Leon was clinically dead until he was rescued. Since then pictures of his near-death experience did not leave him, did not let go. Leon is convinced that he had met his twin brother Luke (†17). Driven by the overwhelming will to reconstruct the death of his brother, he sets out again in mortal danger. With the support of Marcel (18) and Mia (17) he again decides to provoke a near-death experience. With consequences.
DirectorTobias SchönenbergCrewClaudiu Mark Draghici, Malin Steffen, Helmut Zierl, Jannis Niewöhner

CountryGermanyLanguageGermanSubtitlesEnglishEdition2014 YellowScreenings04.11.2014 * 33rd MOLINS DE REI HORROR FILM FESTIVAL (Short film Competition, Spain)

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