Agnese Reitano - YOUMAN

3:00, 2015, Experimental
"I’ve got a problem. I don’t remember anymore who I am. Every labour that I do to try to exhume a memory becomes an agony. Pieces of my memories come to light, take form but then they lose intensity and abandon me. I give up hope. I give up hope because I feel the limitless void that surrounds those already gone moments. Even the essential memories, those who should be immortal, are irremediably gone. The things that I try to recreate with memory do no seem at all like the lost moments. So I prefer to forget myself. " AR- 2015
DirectorAgnese ReitanoProducerAgnese ReitanoWriterAgnese ReitanoCameraAgnese ReitanoEditorAgnese ReitanoComposerAgnese ReitanoCrewFilippo Papa as "Youman"

Edition2015 MagentaScreeningsVideo Art in Sicily - 15/29 November 2015

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