Cyril Galmiche - 149 avenue boulevard Davout - PARIS

7:07, 2014, Experimental
This video is from the series "One day" and shows the different times of day. It was shot on 12 March 2014 at 149 boulevard Davout in Paris. Each video composing the series lasts 7 minutes and 8 seconds, in which the day/night cycle is compressed. Contrarily to time lapse, these videos encompass the different times of day in a single image. Videos are played in loop, time never stops, turning into a sort of intangible norm. The single angle enhances the picturesque quality of the landscape represented.
Such accelerated visions of one day magnify the light. It touches architecture, plays around with volumes and alters our perception of space. It creates immaterial vibrations thanks to the materials that change their colour while constituting the urban space. Here the city represents a setting, a receptacle that contains light. The cloud shadows flee and pour down buildings like a dripping melody. An attempt to capture the city rhythm, to order the random in order to recompose it, to set ablaze an effervescent landscape, to give shape to looseness, these are these videos’ aspirations.
DirectorCyril GalmicheCameraCyril Galmiche

CountryFranceLanguage-Subtitles-Edition2015 Screenings- Instants Vidéo Numériques et poétiques, (Marseille, France)
- Festival Oodaaq #5 (Rennes, France)
- Une journée de coïncidences #3, Plateforme (Paris, France)

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