Iris Cegarra - Electrodziska: miami 2001 2003

40:00, 2006, Documentary
ElectroDziska is a "picture-book" film about street and future sounds in electronic music.
A documentary about a Miami journey learning about one of the oldest forms of electronic music known as electro, some of the artists behind it, and its creative process.
DirectorIris B Cegarra


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Who is Iris B Cegarra?
I began an independent documentarian career when I was in my late teens under the name of Moloko Pussycat Factory, researching the music of the underground rave scene for my earlier work: ElectroDziska and Bass Frequency. As Mi Chica Chico Force (Iris B and partner, DJ Uprokk), I’ve hosted electro events bringing old school talent together such as AUX 88, The Egyptian Lover, Jealous J & Jock D, and IBM, amongts others. As a stylist, I’ve dressed my own models to working with Vogue, Elle, and FHM magazine editorials. And now as 3GZ Productions (Iris B and partner, Franceasca Seiden) I’m adding the final touches to my 3rd documentary: Darkbeat, working on a music travel show called UFO TV, and currently looking for the topic of my next project. I also recently received my Masters in Film from Miami Int’l University or Art & Design.

Why filmmaking?
My passion for underground and weird music (along with its music videos), and any form of art be it graphic design, painting, photography, fashion, dancing, … are some of the elements that inspired me to learn about making films. Long time ago, I asked myself “How can I mix up all those things I enjoy so much in one medium?... Duh, make a movie!”

What kind of films do you make?
Films for people with A.D.D. (attention deficit disorder!)… lol… just joking!
I like to make films where I can explore the underrated side of our culture. Cover the darkside while keeping your head banging through the use of innovative music and of course, showing my respect for the artists behind it!

Do films have style, just as some painters have?
Sure, just like there’s scifi, noir, horror, musicals, documentaries genres… there are directors who have a particular look like Kubrick, Carpenter, Wong Kar Wai, Cunningham, Gondry…

If so, how would you describe your style?
I guess my work is an amateur mix of all the influences mentioned in the question above…

Is art a big part of your life?
Totally, Art is an everyday part in my life. Dressing myself, what I collect, what I listen to, what I cook, the people I surround myself by… is all an artistic expression!

ElectroDziska is about...
ElectroDziska is a “picture-book” about my Miami journey learning about electro music, some of the artists behind it, its creative process… its mainly about living the “electro-movida” (electro-wave) in sunny Florida and good times out and about!

Movies like A Clockwork Orange, The Yellow Submarine, Natural Born Killers, Scarface, The Wall, amongst others, created a huge impact in my life. Mainly documentaries like The Year That Punk Broke, which featured Sonic Youth’s tour around Europe showcasing behind the scenes footage of Nirvana in their early days and other pros like The Ramones; along with other ones about the 70’s and early 80’s punk and heavy metal scene. These were music scenes I felt so connected to at heart, yet so distant in location (I grew up in South America, in a small town in Venezuela called Barquisimeto) but it wasn’t until my late club kid teens when I saw Modulations: Music For The Eyes, a documentary about the emerging electronic music culture, that something clicked… helping me find my nitch as a filmaker.

Financing your movie?
Ourselves and family members have financed my films. My mother, Iris Arbelaez, has always been my primary investor! Not only in my film projects but also, in my education… I love you mom!!! I’ve still been trying to pay them back with my hard/independent work… I still owe them my life!

New Media; a challenge for film makers?
Embracing technology is the main reason why I’ve got into this whole thing from the start!
… Its just hard keeping up with stuff now days…
The more we can fusion mediums, the better.
I could have never made a movie if consumer grade cameras and free software wasn’t available to work on my own stuff. How can new media be overrated when so many sources are coming out?
Where do we start?!!! Now that’s the hard thing to figure out!

Which film related websites do you frequent?
The cybernetic Broadcasting System (from The Hague/Holland) is the site I play to the most.
Listening, I can be transported to different worlds without having to type in too many urls!

Individual film making or co-operation?
Teamwork is as essential for me, just like getting inspired from other sources makes you the artist one becomes today. I work a lot with DJ Uprokk coming up with music related topics of discussion. While Franceasca Seiden, keeps my feet on the ground!

Did you ever had another ambition in life than to become a filmmaker?
Besides perusing a ballerina / punk rocker career…
Travelling, following new music, being on the cutting edge, being a good mom, see what space and other planets looks like, … no, not really!

Digital or classic?
I love to use it all and mix it all up
I just wish I could have all the $$$$$ in the world to be able to afford them all and have them running efficiently on my G5 or new computer.
Currently, I use mac and edit on avid but I’m always learning about new techniques and trying to get new supporters to work with new gear… !
Technology can be real easy when you have the instinct for it…

How does a regular day in your life looks like?
Being delusional!

Could you finish this sentence "a good film is when.."?
At least for me.. A good film is when I can start relating my day to day life to what I see on screen…
Whatever picks your brain… be it because of the imagery, the story, its outrageousness, its beautifulness, its wrongness…I guess, you’ll just know when you’re watching it…

Which one is more important to you, the camera or editing?
Hard to answer… if talking about what I have done, I would say editing because you’ll find a way to make it work and make others see the reality you want to express. But if I’d have an amazing Director of Photography next too me 24/7, then most likely the picture would be number one!

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What ever is left to say...Once, a member of the B52’S wrote an autograph to me that said: “follow your bliss” … so I’ll like to say the same!

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