Igor Coric - Deus ex machina

2:00, 2006, Animation
Deus ex Machina is an animated self-portrait.
DirectorIgor Coric


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Why filmmaking?
Because it makes me really happy!

Your work is about...
This movie was made as an animated self-portrait.

Financing your movie?
I am a freelance book illustrator for six months. Another six months I spend the money I’ve earned to make my movies. Never tried getting finances for my movies, there’s lot of sucking up to do for it in Serbia (and I don’t suck up), and European funds don’t work here.

New Media; a challenge for film makers?
New media is cheap and fragile, but gets further then any other artistic medium did before. Internet built me up as an artist through the communication with the audience all around the world. Never got any money from it, but it did boost my self-esteem.

What are the potentials of the new media?
Maybe becoming an old media… Like human, new media needs a heart, muscles and a bit of the brain. Potentials are infinite.

Do your films have style, just as some painters have?
I don’t think there is a “look” I pursue through my movies. If there is a style, it might be in the feeling you get after watching any of my films.

It’s death. Because I can’t escape it.

Individual film making or co-operation?
Individual, can’t afford more people. But still, it’s lot of fun!

Did you ever had another ambition in life than to become a filmmaker?
Tried painting, but it takes to much space. Feel comfortable with digital media, light and small.

Digital or classic?
Digital animation so far.

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