Benoit Guillaume - L’inondation en 1910 était montée jusqua là

1:50, 2006, Animation
My “film” work doesn’t have any message. This is terribly meaningless, I think.
DirectorBenoit Guillaume


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Who is Benoit Guillaume?
I am a 29 years old illustrator, living in Paris.
I have done a few animation films but recently I have spent most of my time on making comics (for books to be published soon), flip-books, and, as often as possible, go out and make sketches of some events such as concerts.

Why filmmaking?
My regular job is to make graphics in a website agency ; that’s why I started using flash to make my own small films. After sometimes I decided to just draw my images on paper, the computer would only be a way to finish the film.

Your work is about...
My “film” work doesn’t have any message. This is terribly meaningless, I think.

Financing your movie?
I have never tried to get money in order to make my films. Probably because I do it “after job”. Also because it just stays on internet, so I don’t spend money to put it on actual film.

New Media; a challenge for film makers?
Internet is an incredibly efficient way to promote his work. After the beginning (submit his film to a few festivals), it almost makes its own way, so people would discover it by themselves.
New Media will definitely keep on growing up. Only problem will be to find good things in this hugeness.

Do your films have style, just as painters have?
My style would be some kind of minimalism, I think. I choose this way of working to save time. ..

Some illustrators and comic makers : Blutch, Nicolas de Crecy, Dave Mc Kean… the usual ones.

Individual film making or co-operation?
I do all by myself except the music part. I chose a song of some friends, I found it nice and uncommon. But I’d like to work more closely with musicians in the future.

Make a film using a different technique. Probably work with other people now.

Digital or classic?
I would like to try super 8, but it cost money and time… I don’t know when I do it.

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