Jeroen Hoekstra - Hetrozygoot

2:00, 2006, Animation
A short film on bacterial life resembling sexual behaviour in a bar
DirectorJeroen HoekstraProducerJeroen Hoekstra


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Who are you?
I am a commercial artist. Age 32. Living and working from my atelier in Gent, Belguim.
My work as an artist is mostly made for commercial purposes, not just commercials.
After graduating from the art academy I have worked several years as a freelance artist.
2 years ago I concluded my period as participant of the NIAf Ateliers (Dutch institute for animation film)
Now I work as a freelance designer, animator and director for commercials and children’s series.

Why filmmaking?
I think artists have always been looking for ways to make images move. As an artist I am the observer, translating my experience into image.
Originally I saw myself as a painter. Now I am a painter making lots of images that make one film.

What is your film about?
I was inspired by the technical side of making animation film. The first impression I had was that of a laboratory. That fascination drove me to research laboratory’s and thus gave me the inspiration to do a short film on bacterial life resembling sexual behaviour in a bar.

Financing your movie?
There was not much to finance …
I have made the film on a computer in 2 weeks while doing a workshop at the NIAf ateiers

New Media; a challenge for film makers?
Film making and the new media have a lot of similarities.
But there is one BIG difference, the experience of the audience.
The emotion transmitted by a film projected on a large screen is a lot different from the experience we have watching a gag on our cell phones. In all art the experience of the audiences play large roles.
Thus I think for new media, film makers should be aware that every medium needs a different approach, not just in technique but in content as well.

What are the potentials of the new media?
Unlimited … that’s why there is so much fuss about it.
I ten years we carry around foldup pda’s like newspapers receiving the latest news.
Every billboard it starting to move. Soon car paint will be animated!
All this development in a tiny speck of time.
Who can say where this ends in 1000 years?

Do your films have style, just as some painters have?
Style just happens as I make something. I try not to pay much attention.
I have a hard enough time focussing on the story anyway.

I went to Robert mcKee’s screenwriters master class in London which enormously changed my views on storytelling.

Individual film making or co-operation?
Co-operation is the key to true successful film making.
Some gags like my one minute piece I can happily do by myself.

Future plans...
I would like to make feature films that carry out a message and that move people emotionally.
If that is my ambition … as an artist I have too many ambitions.
For me life is not about ambition. Life is about truly living it.

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