Giancarlo Pazzanese - Sex symbol

11:00, 2006, Experimental
Sickness, sex and self exploration are the main issues in my work
DirectorGiancarlo PazzaneseProducerGiancarlo Pazzanese


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Who are you?
I’m a 50 percent Chilean and 50 percent Italian immigrant living in Holland since 2002. I went to a snob school in Chile where I learned English and came to live in this country thinking that here there was more tolerance and less discrimination, which turned to be a mistake… Since then I work on transcultural issues on identity and sexuality. Trying to have a distant perspective and critical look upon the global world that we created for ourselves.

Why filmmaking?
My films are always experimental and linked to some part of my body, I do new videos only when something happens in my life or in my body that requires my expression, I express it through video. So sickness, sex and self exploration are the main issues in my work.

Financing your movie?(did you try to get subsidy?
I work independent, no financing for my video art, ’m the model, the director, the art director, the photo director, cameraman, assistant and promoter of my art. I finance production by myself. Although I get funding as an artist in general from National funds from Chile etc but not commercial support in my video making. Imagine one of my videos is putting an endoscopic camera in my anus….I don’t waist time trying coca cola to pay for it!

New Media; a challenge for film makers?
New media changed the role of all media Books, TV, VHS, cinema everything is re-adapted to our digitalized life. Everybody can be a photographer or video artist now, that is why technique is not so important and the hand made aesthetics are even a trend now… what becomes more important is the concept and the circuit of distribution… Its not about the information itself but how this information is indexed, queried and redisplayed what matters now.

What are the potentials of the new media?
I think that the potential of new media is not within its own field but as I said the challenge that a new media imposes on “old”media and how it forces them to re direct and re think itself and its function. New media show us there’s always various ways to solve a problem and that the end product or solution to this problem is also modified by the means we choose to solve them.

Do your films have style, just as some painters have? If so, how would you describe your style?
My my style is raw, nostalgic sometimes, very sexual. Visually they are very divese but I work on the concept of obscenity. How can you make a film about your body that is obscene, too close to the subject, without being in the porn film or category? That is the question…its not a matter of style or fashion.

Uff name dropping, …. Well Orlan, Pipilotti Rist (I don’t know how to spell it sorry), Barbara Kruger, Cindy Sherman. Potent women who have more power than 10.000 male artists together!

Which film related websites do you frequent?
I visit gaydar.nl and gayromeo.nl on a regular basis… but is for personal use not really part of the art scene. I take my inspiration from real life which is full of ideas and materials already. I use internet for practical stuff. I do like vj forums though.

Individual film making or co-operation?
Im a walking film company I do everything myself and also work in graphic design for financing and doing art production as humanitarian contribution. Is better to do it yourself than trying to explain to someone else and get other results than you expected. For alternative video I prefer to be 100percent self financed and independent.

The future...
Yes before I studied art in the academy of Chile my ambition was to be famous and to be a popular artist. After 8 years in the art scene I just want to be loved by another human being (one at a time) and develop my creative projects slowly one by one…they start to have a life and scalon their own which I like…

Digital or classic?
Mini DV and cell phone video is my thing! Long live Low-Fi quality!

Do you have your own equipment?
Yes they stole everything I had last January so now I discovered the value of insurance and weekly backup! Anyway I don’t depend on machine and gadgets if you don’t have the machine and your project is meant to be you will always find the technology to push your ideas forward. The advantage of being raised in Latin America is that you learn to improvise and create even if you have no money, no equipment and no given opportunities.

View your other work
YES MUCH of my works and clips are to be seen at www.18cm.nl or the Chilean version: www.18cm.cl
Its being updated but the full version is coming up this end of may.

All other remarks
I just want to say that this filmmaking life and life in general is about RESISTING. Resisting a system that is not encouraging creative work, resisting being poor, resisting being sick, resisting fear and anger….only resistance will make you stronger…resist and you will prevail. Don’t have a 40 Hr job! Do something else than shopping in the weekend! Creative projects are not only for artists but for every human person in their own scale. You don’t have to be a painter or filmmaker to have an idea and develop it for yourself. Challenge the structures!

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