Neil Needleman - A charming and quaint tale of brutal revenge

7:50, 2012, Fiction
Behind the charming, quaint, pastoral veneer of this tale lurks a psychodrama about my fear of being considered unemployable because of my age. This story was inspired by true events: The loss of the dog food account that kept me gainfully employed at the ad agency for 5 years. A note to dog lovers: This is a work of fiction. No dogs (or other animals) were harmed in the making of this video.
DirectorNeil NeedlemanProducerNeil NeedlemanWriterNeil NeedlemanCameraNeil NeedlemanEditorNeil Needleman

CountryUSASubtitlesNoneEdition2013 ScreeningsExploding Cinema (London; 2/13)
Directors Lounge (Berlin; 2/13)

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