Nicola Negrini - Two (scoolpture two)

7:14, 2008, Video Art
:: scoolptures :: is a music video art project related to time perception and synchronicity. it’s a series of musical studies on instantaneous composing structures.
DirectorNicola NegriniProducerNicola NegriniWriterNicola NegriniCameraNicola NegriniEditorNicola NegriniCrewNicola Negrini - music composing | double bass | livelectronics


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Who is Nicola Negrini?
I’m a musician, doublebassist and composer.

Your film is about?
Scoolptures is a music | video project related to time perception and sincronicity, a series of studies on instantaneous composing structures.

Could you explain how you work, what themes or concepts and what is important to you?
Musician life is an infinite wait. Highways, airports, railways. I’m almost always in tour with my doublebass through europe, often too tired to read another book, to listen to another music track, to talk, even to sleep. I just watch around, trying to imagine beyond those wet or dirty glasses stories linking faces, buildings, lights, cars, factories.. Sooner or later, eyes become blind and all glides alike. When boredom reach this level, i stop watching and i turn on my video camera. Once I’m back home, i look for the stories i have lost, with the intention of recomposing them. I call them scoolptures ’cause they are done in a cold blood, taking off most of the material until videos become just matter, a strange substance among painting color, light, story, movement. A matter similar to music.

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