Günter Puller - Yellow pages

1:52, 2006, Video Art
I found the Yellow Pages in the wood during an excursion. I thought of the natural
process of disintegration. I decided to take the phone book with me and deconstruct it
in an artistic context.

In a studio a copy of the Yellow Pages, found in the woods and falling apart, is filmed with a steady camera position. It is an artificial process of decay, filmed with a time-lapse photography, which is produces in the studio, which is faster than the natural one in the woods would have been.

The Yellow Pages are taken as a symbol of our social, cultural and commercial life. To find such a book in the woods seems to be significant for our present life.

DirectorGünter PullerProducerGünter PullerWriterGünter PullerCameraGünter PullerEditorGünter Puller


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