Antti Savela - The pianist

3:03, 2008, Music video
Tuula pulkki is an excellent pianist who lives and works in helsinki. here she present´s ludvig van beethoven´s, "abschied vom klavier". the concert has taken place at "the museum" in villa eläintarha, helsinki, finland.

actually i wanted to be a pianist but my grandfather told me: "become an artist so that you can use your art to improve humanity"
DirectorAntti Savela

CountrySwedenEdition2008 Screenings"art video screening", Örebro, sweden 2008

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Who is Antti Savela?
Antti Savela is an artist and musican who lives and works in Umeå, Sweden.

Your film is about?
Memories, funny things, sad things, people I meet, the life itself.


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