Eric Parren - Ysk #1

5:26, 2008, Multimedia
Ysk #1 is an outcome of the live-cinema setup Diagonaal by Macular (Joris Strijbos & Eric Parren).
It was recorded in one take in the Rotterdam based studio.

Diagonaal is a live-cinema performance in which the old encounters the new. Since the dawn of the video age people have experimented with the medium and many discoveries have been made. The aim of this performance is to use these old techniques and have them interact with new computer technologies with a special interest in audiovisual feedback systems. Signals can be processed in completely other ways, creating a complex array of abstract images. By processing the pure video data with custom-made audio software a one-to-one relationship is generated between the image and the sound. In the digital domain, an analysis of the audio signal combined with specially programmed graphic applications creates a reactive visual palate that again emphasizes the link between the image and the sound. Homemade and adjusted video hardware adds a very personal touch to the performance.
DirectorMacular (eric Parren & Joris Strijbos)


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