Anne Marijne Mijs - The beginning

9:40, 2006, Narrative
The Beginning is my perspective on Hiphop.
DirectorAnne-marijne Mijs


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Who is Anne-Marijne Mijs?

After working as a traffic manager at an advertising agency, I decided to
Follow my heart and go back to school to study director of film. It wasn’t an easy decision after having a job and income, to start all over and being a student again. But it’s been the best decision I could ever make.

Why filmmaking?

When I was working at the advertising agency I learned more about film,
Especially commercials. I did some production work and wanted much more. I
Wanted to be the creative person behind the concept. I was very interested in the whole concept of film making.
Now it’s a way to express myself, there’s always something of me as a person in my work. I think a lot about life and I’ve written lots of stories and scenario’s. Not necessary all to be produced as a film, but to find an answer to my questions. I look at human emotions and try to find a story that ables me to combine these emotions with film.

Het Begin (The Beginning) is about...

Het Begin is a combination of fiction and facts. It is my perspective on
Hiphop. It’s the beginning of the existence of Hiphop as I see it. What I found very interesting is that the four elements of hiphop became a way of life. A way out of a very compromising situation. It’s about the power to tell a story, by making music, dance or graffiti, a way of expression that is so important for people.

Financing your movie?

This is a no-budget movie. Every crew member worked voluntarily on the project, driven by
Enthusiasm and their creativity We worked as a team and learned a lot by being open for eachothers’ suggestions

New Media; a challenge for film makers?

I’m not sure. This movie has been on a couple of internet sites and of
Course, because of that, I had more response.
You reach a broader audience with internet, and for film making that’s very
Important. But things like mobile TV and internet TV are not yet on my mind.

Do your films have style, just as some painters have?

I haven’t been filming that long, I’m still searching where my power of film making lies. My teacher once told my that I had an Italian film style, a lot of drama. I love drama, especially when you find the right balance between emotions. But "Het Begin" was a totally different project.

Can you name one particular influence that really had a lasting impact on you
- A requiem for a dream
- City of God
- Amores Perres
- A beautiful mind
Especially the first one. It’s drama, but with the right balance between the emotional and physical journey of the characters and the power of suggestion.

Individual film making or co-operation?

Both, I write my own stories and direct and produce them, but I have a lot of talented filmmakers who I work with and ask for advise.

Plans and dreams...

I hope to produce a film every year. Of course it would be the best scenario if I had some financial backup, but it doesn’t hold me back if I have to do it with no budget.I have a lot to tell the world.
I hope that I keep on learning, writing and directing films in the future.
And never think that I know it all.

Did you ever had another ambition in life than to become a filmmaker?

I had a lot of different ambitions before filmmaking, but I strongly believe that what ever I have done I my life, can be used for what I do now

Digital or classic?

Until now I’ve worked only with mini DV. For my next film I hope to work with HD.

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