Stuart Pound - A woman from the past, much loved.

1:26, 2012, Video Art
16mm black & white film frames from the distant past fondly remembered and seen in low magnification through a microscope connected to the computer. It has great appeal for anyone who shares in an almost fetishistic love for film stock - in fact it may be the film, rather than the woman, who is the much loved.
DirectorStuart PoundProducerStuart PoundWriterNoneCameraStuart PoundEditorStuart Pound

CountryUnited KingdomSubtitlesNoneEdition2013 ScreeningsLondon Short Film Festival, January 2012
Kassel Documentary Film & Video Festival, November 2012
Aid & Abet, Cambridge
London Underground Film Festival, December 2012
Now&After, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, May 2013

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