Conglomerado - No es un buen lugar

1:50, 2009, Experimental
Creado por \"Bea BS\" para.
New born video-conglomerate concept. Direct share minimal VideoArt organization.


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Who is Conglomerado / Bea ?

Conglomerado is just a new web space to exhibit videoart in short pieces, as you can see on http://www.conglomerado.es.
I’m one of the collaborators.

Was a photograph the starting point of the film, or something else?

It’s an important element, not the starting point. A way to say what I feel.

The images in your film vary a lot in style, like grain or blur, motion. What is the reason for this?

These images are resources to launch abstraction.

Could you tell us about the sound design of your film?

The sound design is an essential part of the creative process, if not the most inspiring to me.
I don’t like to interpret my videos, I have my own ideas, of course, but... If I create a film it’s for people to give sense to them, not me. Creative process not medited, just flow and spontaneous. Sense or concept arises after viewing.

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