David Sarkissian - Voice of the voiceless

20:00, 2008, Experimental
We wanted to create a very intimate film with participation of animals but not about the animals. We wanted to show those sights of farm animals, which were less noticed. We wanted to tell by showing but not to show by telling.

For us it was very important that our film be different from other similar films not only with the different point of view to the topic, that had been covered before so many times, but also with its style of production. We are focused on editing because we want the film to have new rhythm.
DirectorDavid SarkissianProducerOvsanna HovsepyanWriterOvsanna Hovsepyan, David SarkissianCameraDavid SarkissianEditorDavid SarkissianCrewUlrich Thomsen,
Kirsti Stubo,
Zsolt László,
Enikö Börcsök,
Gyöngyvér Bognár,
Roland Rába


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