Angelo Picozzi - 00:06:03:08

6:03, 2006, Video Art
00:06:03:08 is a digital degeneration of both sound and image. The natural element of water is progressively reduced to its digital essence - a series of pulsating patterns of light on the surface of a glass screen. 00:06:03:08 subverts and exposes the nature of monitor/television imagery/sound and the viewers relationship to and with the screen. 00:06:03:08 focuses the viewers gaze toward a sequence of imagery upon a screen that is in the process of digital atrophy. This piece explores progressive digital decay.

DirectorAngelo Picozzi

CountryScotlandEdition2009 ScreeningsFlash Flood - International Video Art Festival - Aug4"07
The Museum of Polydimensional Research, Gallery Centella
Tuscon, Arizona, USA
Optica, Gijon Festival of Video Art, Spain, 16-18 Nov07
5th Bangkok Experimental Film Festival, 25-30 March 2008
Les Inattendus, Beijing, China, Feb 24-27 2008

AwardsShort-listed for the Jerwood Moving Image Award 2008

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