Martyna Starosta - Voodoo instructions

10:00, 2009, Fiction
VOODOO INTRUCTIONS is the continuation of the Video PYROMANIAC EXERCISES. It also deals with global capitalism and local gentrification. The setting is aggain the Berlin district Kreuzberg. But in this case the total destruction is not directed against the afiliate of the fast food multinational, but against the consumers. The video plays in its form with the schizophrenia produced by capitalism.
DirectorMartyna StarostaProducerMartyna StarostaWriterMartyna StarostaCameraRobert MleczkoEditorMartyna Starosta CrewArt Department:
Martyna Starosta & Robert Mleczko

CountryGermanySubtitlesEnglishEdition2009 ScreeningsDiploma Exhibition, University of Arts Berlin
Tape Modern No.9, Berlin,
Tehran Biennale, Belgrad (Serbia)
Rundgang, University of Arts Berlin

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