Enrique Ramos - Zvornik

21:20, 2009, Documentary
Every April 7th, Zvornik neighbours bury those identified during the year. 1.555 Bosnian Muslims were killed in that municipally between April and June 1992, and 45.000 were driven out. 3 years later, a genocide took place in Srebrenica. Republika Srpska was charged guilty for that crime that has overshadowed all the rest. That entity administrates today both Srebrenica and Zvornik. In this context, the return of the Bosnian Muslims is slow and difficult, truth and historic memory are blurring, those responsible are not facing justice, and peace is trembling.
DirectorEnrique Padial Ramos Y Pere Bigas I FormatjéProducerEnrique Padial Ramos Y Pere Bigas I FormatjéWriterPere Bigas I FormatjéCameraEnrique Padial RamosEditorEnrique Padial RamosCrewSound Editing - Álvaro Calero
Music - Pablo Díaz & Adam Colyer
Translating - Damir Bukvarevic

CountrySpainSubtitlesEnglishEdition2009 ScreeningsBarcelona sala Altair, Spain 15 january 2009.AwardsOficial Selection 14 Festival Cine la Fila of Calella, Spain 2009.
Oficial Selection of FotoFilm of Mostoles, Madrid Spain 2009.

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