Jim Nestor - Vulcan de masaya

11:51, 2010, Experimental
The video Vulcan de Masaya was a documentation of a performance by Nestor at the Mouth of Hell. Masaya is an active volcano in central Nicaragua. In earlier times this volcano was a site for Indian Shaman rituals, including the sending of young women into the volcano. In more contemporary times, fairly substantiated rumors that political prisoners were dropped from helicopters into this volcano are part of the history of the region.
The videographers for the performance were Patricia Villalobos, a colleague born in Nicaragua and currently an artist and professor in the United States. The other videographer was Eduardo Spiegeler, a videographer/filmmaker from Guatemala. The performance was on January 18, 2007. Patricia Belli and friends assembled or covered me. The need to be covered, and to not be able to see is important, but for psychological reasons that are not clear to me. The event is not planned per se, never rehearsed. In this work, there was no sharing of what I would do before or even during the performance. Ritual remains within our lives. There is something about isolation and will involved in this work as well. The clouds are massive amounts of sulphur coming out of the volcano.

Authorities on the site were concerned but the event was able to be concluded.
The final version and completion of the video was by Fall of 2009. There is
overdubbing of sound in the final video, but all tones are based upon the original
tape of the talking of the soprano saxophone at the event.
DirectorJim Nestor


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