Meredith Shapiro Toto - Virus

0:10, 2010, Experimental
This video piece connects the idea of the virus as both biological and electronic transmission. As simultaneously an organic contagion and a psychological fear, it infiltrates the body invisibly. Its influence is as far reaching as the anxiety it creates, completely underestimated, destructive, and communicable. The photographic video sources are adapted from public health information provided by the Centers for Disease Control.
The oversized scale, the manipulation of the forms through animation, and the digital effects seek to transform the viewer into a host by penetrating their embodied perceptions. The musical composition contemplates the contradiction between the brilliantly intricate and decorative cellular structure and its pernicious capabilities. In this instance, it is my goal for the art to become a virus itself, infecting the audience with an awareness of unseen but pervasive manipulation.
DirectorMeredith Shapiro Toto


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