Né Barros - A praÇa

14:19, 2011, Experimental
This video explores a throbbing, cross and eclectic place, authentic like a really square djemaa el fna. "A PRAÇA" is a revisitation of Filipe Martins from the original dance performance created by Né Barros with images of Daniel Blaukfuks from Marrakesh
DirectorFilipe MartinsProducerNé BarrosCameraFilipe Martins, Luis Ferraz, Susana AndrezEditorFilipe MartinsCrewConcept and choreography - Né Barros
Dancers - Angel Montero Vázquez, Joana Castro, Katja Juliana Geiger, Pedro Rosa

CountryPortugalEdition2011 ScreeningsThe 18th edition of IL COREOGRAFO ELETTRONICO | NAPOLIDANZA | MAY 2011 | Naples – Italy

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