Burning Fountain - Ride

6:55, 2010, Music video
In a lifetime, trillions of pictures float around us, printed on paper or appearing on screen. They can be very current or date from other times, be very present or completely forgotten. The role they play can be documentation, referring to pleasure, indicating, be seducing, persuading, ... but what is significant in all these pictures is that they each belong to a particular, often imagined, world that stands on his own.

Of course, initially all these pictures come from the same world. This is why it made us curious what the result could be if we confronted these pictures together in one habitat. Think of it as if you are an inhabitant of a very distant planet and you are watching the earth with a very powerful telescope. You probably wouldnüt have a clue of what is going on here, but if you tried to describe what you see, it could be something like a Burning Fountain video.

This 7 minute video follows the rhythm of Tsuyushi Suzukiüs Anti-Body. Ride is related to another video, References 2, by similar images, but put in a completely different order.
DirectorThe Burning FountainProducerThe Burning FountainEditorThe Burning FountainCrewKoen Vanstappen

CountryNetherlandsEdition2011 Compilation program (2006 2014) 1/3

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Who is the Burning Fountain?
The Burning Fountain is a project by Koen Vanstappen.

What is Ride about?
Memes, found on planet earth.

How long do you usually work on one project?
Several months


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