Francesca Amati - Noon’s sleep

3:06, 2011, Video Art
"...When he fell asleep, the person made of knowledge, by knowledge taking his knowledge with him, lay down in the space within the heart. When the person takes these to himself, he is said to be asleep: the breath is taken, the eye is taken, the ear is taken, the mind is taken. When in dreams he moves about, these are his worlds."
DirectorFrancesca AmatiProducerFrancesca AmatiCameraFrancesca AmatiEditorFrancesca Amati


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Who is Francesca Amati?
I am a video artist, but generally the world closer to me is where they converge various perceptual modalities: the video as an extension to other languages such as cinema, painting and music.

How did you start with film? And do you have an educational background in art or film?
I began studying painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and then approach to video art.
Later, I studied film direction and so I decided to create my own personal blend of different languages, creating these videos is always hovering between the creation of video art and narrative film.

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