Mendel Kaelen - 0101

7:32, 2011, Video Art
“There it is, the sea, the most incomprehensible of non-human existences. And here is the woman, on the beach, the most incomprehensible of living beings. As the human being one day asked itself a question about itself, it became the most incomprehensible of living beings. She and the sea. Their mysteries can only meet if one surrenders to the other: the surrender of two unknowable worlds, made with the confidence with which two understandings give themselves up.”

DirectorMendel KaelenCameraJesus OlmoEditorJesus OlmoComposerMendel KaelenCrew0101 features the vocal talents of Karima el Fillali in the soundtrack.

CountryNetherlandsEdition2011 ScreeningsAthens Video Art 2011

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