Sophie Kahn - 04302011

5:30, 2011, Video Art
04302011 is a 5 minute, 40 second video of 38 New Yorkers who visited my studio to have their portrait made in 3d. The result is an identity parade of textured 3d scans of their faces, rotating in and out of the light. The glitchy, fragmented look of these scans results from my misuse of the high-end 3d laser scanner, which was never designed to capture the body. When faced with breath and movement it breaks down, generating conflicting and overlapping spatial coordinates. Subjects must close their eyes to protect themselves from the laser beam, and this generates other referents too: their serene expressions evoke memorial portraiture, and together the display could be seen as a kind of gallery of the dead. Playing on the sci-fi trope of rotating 3d images of the citizenry on large screens, this work was originally designed for display on the Big Screen Plaza on 28th Street in New York City. (A large LCD screen, public screen, public projection or inclusion in a video installation screening program would also work.)
DirectorSophie Kahn


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