Agnès Quillet - Chant silencieux

5:38, 2011, Experimental
Pictures flash past, get superimposed. A body, a woman, she’s trying to come off, to tear herself away from the fiction she’s a prisonner of. Then appears an artificial space-time, inhabited by a simulacrum. A presence reveals itself on the threshold of the image. In chant silencieux what is given to see is the image itself, and not what it represents.
DirectorAgnès QuilletProducerAgnès QuilletWriterAgnès QuilletCameraThomas GermainEditorAgnès QuilletCrewActor:
Katinka Garrivet
Lionel Montenot

CountryFranceSubtitlesNoEdition2013 Screenings50 years of Video Art, Instants Vidéo, 02/2013, Tokyo, Japan

IMULTAN FESTIVAL #8, 10/2012, Timisoara (Roumania)

KLEX, Kuala Lumpur Experimental Film & Video Festival, 11/2012, Malaisia

Boomtown film & music festival, 2012, Nederland, United States
AwardsBoomtown film & music festival, 2012, Nederland, United States 2nd prize Experimental Category

Festival Chalon tout court, 2012, Chalon-sur-saùne, France
Prix de la découverte (Discovery prize)

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