Ahram Kwon - What did happen to me the other day?

3:20, 2010, Video Art
What did happen to me the other day?, HD, 3 min 20 sec, 2010 This video exploits the aspect in which the images generated by the photocopier make the audience face the deconstructed reality, and the hidden side of it. Despite nothingness to the person, the dark space implies something mysterious and grotesque. The audience, thus, can differently interpret what has happened to the person; they may even identify themselves as the character.
DirectorAhram KwonProducerAhram KwonWriterAhram KwonCameraAhram KwonEditorAhram Kwon

CountrySouth KoreaSubtitlesNoneEdition2013 Screenings2013 Internationell Konst Film Utställning IKFU (Sweden) 2011 8th EXiS Experimental film and Video Festival in Seoul (Experimental Film and Video Festival in Seoul, Korea) 2011 Festival Miden 2011 (Kalamata, Greece) 2011 Glocal Media Art Festival (Konkuk University, Korea) 2011 ARTchSO Video Festival 2011 (Rennes, France)

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