Arno Coenen - Baghdad disco

4:44, 2005, Experimental
The collaborative live shows of visual artist Arno Coenen with the Berlin-based duo Transformer di Roboter are not to be missed. The Roboter's eclectic electronic music matches perfectly with Coenen's multi-layered 3d visuals.

"Baghdad Disco" is a tongue-in-cheek disco track. For the music video Coenen mixed leaders for news programmes and advertisements with explosions galore with a central role for a golden kalashnikov, a 3d rendition of Saddam Hussein's chilling "toy", confiscated by US soldiers in Iraq. This golden gun has recently gone on show in the UK, where it rapidly became a top tourist attraction.
DirectorArno Coenen & Transformer Di Roboter ProducerArno Coenen & Transformer Di Roboter WriterArno Coenen & Transformer Di Roboter CameraArno Coenen & Transformer Di Roboter


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