Andrea Wollensak - Weir farm

3:56, 2007, Experimental
The weir farm is rich with history of site-specific landscape painting. my work at weir farm explores the landscape and grounds through digital video processing techniques that allow me to develop a personal interpretation of the site’s landscape of colors and its environmental aesthetic. throughout a series of visits at different stages of the year, i collected data of the site with a gps receiver, sounds with a dat recorder as well as digital video and photography. working with brett terry, a sound artist/composer and video editor/programmer, we developed video processing techniques that created imagery clearly based on original footage yet evolving and changing periodically into more abstract representations of color and scene.

the video work makes use of two images positioned next to each other, a reminder of stereoscopic viewing. this format also allows for some interplay and dialog between the two sides. much of my work features text and, in this work, i opted to use translations of traditional japanese proverbs which create their own aphoristic and narrative relation to the set of filmic vignettes. my recorded reading of the proverbs is also used as the material for the soundtrack, composed by mr. terry. the gps data is subtly integrated as visual numerical data that appears as part of the imagery.

DirectorAndrea WollensakProducerBrett TerryWriterAndrea Wollensak/brett TerryCameraAndrea WollensakEditorAndrea Wollensak/brett Terry

CountryUSAEdition2009 ScreeningsWeir farm art center, wilton, connecticut, usa
cummings arts center, connecticut college, usa

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