Alfredo Hisa - Countless

1:00, 2009, Animation
Experimental Short-film. Shot with a compact digicam

Series "The gap of vain thoughts"
The routine redeems, from empty thoughts, a fertile world of vain ideas.
DirectorAlfredo Takashi HisaProducerAlfredo Takashi HisaCameraAlfredo Takashi HisaEditorAlfredo Takashi Hisa


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Who is Hisa?
An unquiet visual artist based in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Shows in an unexpected and lyrical way the urbanity and the quotidian.
He combines both traditional and modern techniques of video, animation, photography and illustration, using his wide background as animation director freelancer, working to some of the talented motion graphics and animation studios around the world.

What is the project ’The gap of vain thoughts’ about?
It’s about the tiny interval between daily thoughts/concerns where the imagination manifests. It occurs any moment of the day without warning: in a traffic jam, at the bus stop, watching tv or in a phone call; in a public or private places.
My work feeds from this "gap" of the thoughts. I visually interpret these situations.

You created more films in this project, do you have a favorite one?
It’s hard to say... I like them all, each one is special in some level.

You don’t edit your shots (in countless and ballet), what is the reason for this?
The purpose of this project is to show the point of view of a person, witness of his imagination. Spontaneous, casual and ephemeral at the most.
So, I think editing, adding other plans would weaken this concept.

How do you choose your shots/situations to work with?
I go out without any plans in mind. If a situation catch my attention, something that could incite people to see beyond the routine curtain, then I shoot. Sometimes, the scenery is boring and nothing is actually happening, but I feel that I can extract something extraordinary from it.

What techniques do you use for your films?
In the "gaps", all process is digital: i shoot the videos with compact cameras, mobile phones and my new toy, a Mino HD. I like these equipment because of the agility and portability. I think they fit on this project, I just need to take the camera out of my pocket and shoot. No pre-production, lightning or tripod. Then at the computer, I use a some softwares of 3d animation, tracking and composition.

How would you describe your style of filmmaking?
Good question...

Where did you get the idea for "countless" from?
I watched the video in loop for a long time, but I had no ideas. Tired and a bit frustrated I started to count the cars, but in each loop the count was always different... Bingo!

When you go out, do you always carry a camera with you, and think about making art?
Yes, I’m always carrying a dslr and a digicam. Even to birthday parties.
But I hide them when I get there! :)

What is your next project about?
I have some projects:
I’m working on photos and videos of a photographic journey by car with Miriam Homem de Mello, photographer-wife. It took almost 4.000 km from Sao Paulo to Bahia State.
The intention is prepare the material for an exhibition.
I have a project in video which I’ll explore deeply the possibilities of mobiles.

Since comics and animation are an important references to me, I’ve just written a script for a adult animation film and I will run for subsidies. It’s a action tale in noir style, but it also questions about what role the belief/myths have in our lives nowadays, but not in a religious context.
And, of course, I’ll continue the series "The gap of vain thoughts", because a lot of videos are waiting to be born!

I’m trying a new challenge: I invited friends living in different places to record a video and send to me. Then I will work on it... I got some cool material already.

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