Alexander Bates - Chimney

9:10, 2008, Experimental
Alexander Bates is inspired by the human desire to create order out of disorder. His practice can be seen as both a reflection of this need and also through the use of scale, materials and context in individual pieces, a way of undermining and rebelling against this compulsion. "Chimney" references both common experience and personal habit ("smoking like a chimney"), which is reiterated by the work’s formal qualities such as scale, title and its endless repetition.
DirectorAlexander Bates

CountryUKEdition2009 Screenings2009 1st Caszuidas Urban Screen Festival, Amsterdam.
2009 Giatrakou 28: The Neutrality of this Section is Disputed, Giatrakou 28, Athens.
2009 Ottica TV, Better Bankside Centre, London.
2008 Winterlight, Oxford Castle.
2008 Illumination, The Service Point Building, Manchester.
2008 Ottica TV website (ongoing).

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