Anders Weberg - Undisclosed beauty

3:13, 2008, Experimental
English: "Just because You spit in my eyes does not mean that I have clear vision"

French: "Quoi que vous me crachiez dans les yeux, je ne vois pas clairement"

Spanish: "Por más que escupas en mis ojos no tendré la visión más clara"

-Best Experimental film: Filmski Festival 600, Ljubljana, Slovenia. May 2008.
-Best in Show: Oculi Experimental Film Showcase, Bottega Gallery, Wilmington, USA. September 20.
DirectorAnders WebergProducerAnders WebergWriterAnders WebergCameraAnders WebergEditorAnders Weberg

CountrySwedenSubtitlesnoneEdition2009 Screenings 2009
- November 6: Act Art 7, Children of the Damned, Hidden, London, UK.
- October 22 - 8 November: Salon of Video Art, Atopia, Oslo, Norway.
- October 16-21: 18. dokument ART,European Filmfestival Neubrandenburg/Szczecin, Poland.
- October 17: Art Video Screening, Bio Roxy, Orebro, Sweden.
- October 10-17: 14th Ourense International Film Festival, Ourense, Spain.
- October 7-11: Rauland kunstforening, Rauland, Norway.
- October 2-6: 1st International Artist Initiatives Istanbul Meeting, Istanbul. Turkey.
- August - October: International Fest of Contemporary Art, iNova in Villa Garikula, Akhalkalaki in Georgia.
- August 8 - September 4: HEP, AFA, Portuguese Bookshop Gallery, Macau, China.
- August 1: Sguardi Sonori 2009 ::: festival of media and time based art, Villa d’Este Tivoli, Rome, Italy.
- July 16-18: Tramuntana09, Cadaqués, Girona,Spain.
- June 25-30: Crosstalk Video Art Festival, Budapest, Hungary.
- June 23-27: Festival Signes De Nuit, Cine Trans Europe, Paris , France.
- June 18-21: Performance Intermedia Festival, National Museum, Szczecin, Poland.
- June 12-13: Journées des 5 continents, Centre de Loisirs et Culture de Martigny, Martigny, Switzerland.
- May 21-31: Almazen, Off LOOP VIdeo Art, Barcelona, Spain.
- May 14-17th: Athens Video Art Festival, "Technopolis" Municipality of Athens, Greece.
- April 26: As part of Glimmer : The 7th Hull International Short Film Festival, HULL, UK.
- April 22 - 26: Cine Trans Europe, EMAF, European Media Art Festival,Osnabrück, Germany.
- April 4: HEP/Faticart collaboration @ Club Brancaleone, Rome, Italy.
- March 11 – 29: Videoformes 2009, Clermont – Ferrand, France.
- March 7: F600 4th Winners, Cultural House Grosuplje, Slovenia.
- February 27 – March 1: CeC 2009, Sattal, India.
- February 5-15: the 5th Berlin International Directors Lounge, Berlin, Germany.

- December: Minividfest 2, Total Kunst Gallery, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.
- December 10-14: ALTERNATIVE FILM/VIDEO 2008 festival, Academic Film Center, Belgrade, Serbia.
- November 22-30: 8th Lille International Short film Festival, Lille, France.
- November 20 – 28: aluCine Media Festival, The National Film Board of Canada, Toronto, Canada.
- November 15 - 16: International Experimental Film Festival Cãrbunari Baia Mare/Romania.
- November 10: 21th Instants Video Festival, Marseille, France.
- November 8: " Time is love " Curated by Kisito Assangni, Galerie Octobre, Paris, France.
- November 7-8: Nuremberg Shortfilm Festival, Nuremberg, Germany.
- November 6-8: Optica Festival, Gijon, Spain.
- November: Pantheon International Xperimental Film & Animation Festival 7.0, Cyprus.
- October 23-25: Simultan04 Festival, Timisoara, Romania.
- October 16-18: Optica Festival, Madrid, Spain.
- October 12: VIDEOPHILE, Phoenix Brighton gallery space, Brighton, UK.
- October 1-10: 5th Salon de Arte Digital, Museum of Contemporary Art Maracaibo, Venezuela.
- October 2-10: TRANSVIZUALIA 008: MEDIASCREAM in Gdynia, Sopot, Poland.
- September 26-28: AZAdigitalCINEMAfestival, Thessaloniki, Greece.
- September 20: Oculi Experimental Film Showcase, Bottega Gallery, Wilmington, North Carolina, USA.
- September 13: NonStopVideoArt/KulturHamn, Simrishamn, Sweden.
- September 5 - 7: Oblo Film Festival, Lausanne, Switzerland.
- September: The 10th festival CMAKANJE, Cerkno, Slovenia.
- August: namaTRE.ba, Trebinje, Bosnien och Hercegovina.
- July 15: “Expanded Unreal” Curator Camilla Boemio, Museo Internazionale Della Caricatura Luigi Mari, Tolentino, Italy.
- July 12 – 20: Olympolis contemporary arts events , 37th program of the Olympos Festival, Katerini, Greece.
- July 4- 6: Video Art Festival Miden, The Video Art Festival of Kalamata, Greece.
- July 2-5: Festival Images Contre Nature, P-Silo, Marseille, France.
- June 28: Synthetic Zero Art Space, Bronx, NY, US.
- June 4-7: NON STOP VIDEO ART, Formverk, Nyköping, Sweden.
- May 22-23: Filmski Festival 600, Stara Elektrama, Ljubljana, Slovenia.
AwardsBest Experimental film: Filmski Festival 600, Ljubljana, Slovenia. May 2008.
Best in Show: Oculi Experimental Film Showcase, Bottega Gallery, Wilmington, USA. September 20.

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Who is Anders Weberg?
An artist and experimental filmmaker working in video, sound, new media and installations and is primarily concerned with identity.

How did you start with film? And do you have an educational background in art or film?
I have a very eclectic background. I’ve made a little bit over 400 productions including 100+ music videos and see that as my formal training.

Could you explain how you work, what themes or concepts and what is important to you?
The human body lies at the root of projects that formally and conceptually chart identity and its construction as a preamble to broaching matters of violence, genders, memory, loss or ideology in which personal experiences co-exists with references to popular culture, the media and consumerism. Specializing in digital technologies, I aim to mix genres and ways of expression to explore the potential of audio visual media.

Where do you get your ideas or influences from?

How does the title relate to the work, and how do you find a fitting title?
This work is a part of series of work that I would like to describe as personal films.

How important is sound in film, and if you use sounds, do you create your own or use existing?
For me audio/video is equally important. I’ve played music since a teen in various constellations and make all the soundscapes, music myself. In some work I do collaborate with other sound artists but not for my personal films.

How do you finance your projects (by yourself, sponsors or subsidy)?
It varies.
I try to get out as much as possible and give presentations and lecture about my work and that’s a way to fund new work.

Nowadays everyone with the right equipment can create videoart, good, bad or ugly?
Excellent. The more opportunities for people to express themselves creatively the better. I rather see a artists work than the same artist with a gun in his hand.

What possibilities of the web are yet to be explored? Which dangers do you see ahead?
I do a lot of work where the net is a vital part.
Example ..

In what category would you place your work; cinema or art. And is there a difference between those?
Art cinema?
For me the difference is in which context it’s seen. Categories are not my thing.

How important is the reaction to your film by the audience?
Very .. People who state otherwise are not totally honest I think. We all just wanna be loved.

What is your next project about?
I’ve already started to work on the 10hour10minute10second and 10 frame long film I will release on October 10, 2010 within the P2P art project. Like the 9hour film I released on September 9 this year It will be filmed with a mobile phone.

Other art projects I’m working on is:


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