Alessandro Amaducci - A secret place

4:20, 2011, Video Art
An inhabited zone of a secret place. A female figure is melt with natural and digital landscapes. Maybe she is a ghost, maybe the real artifex of the place. The zone itself can be something real, or something related to a inner vision of the landscape. The gestures of the body of the dancer is made by sequences of photos, to create an ambiguity between movement and not-movement. The final result is a sort of animation made with a real body.

DirectorAlessandro AmaducciProducerAlessandro AmaducciWriterAlessandro AmaducciCameraAlessandro AmaducciEditorAlessandro AmaducciCrewDancer: Eurinome

CountryItalySubtitlesNoEdition2011 AwardsSpecial Mention Festival Coreografo Elettronico (Italy).

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