Alice Arnold - To be seen

26:40, 2005, Experimental
To be seen - a documentary on street art by Alice Arnold

To Be Seen is a study of visual culture, of urban culture and an exploration of an age-old urban cultural phenomenon, street art. This form of art, that is not a commodity (there is no price tag), that is ephemeral, and that tends to address current political and cultural issues, is examined as a form of public expression, a form of media and a means of political and social protest.
Interview List: Swoon (artist); Dan Witz (artist); Michael DeFeo (artist); Ryan Watkins-Hughes (artist); Skewville (artists); Vinnie Ray (artist); Faile (artists); The Wooster Collective (artists/website publisher); Stuart Ewen (Professor of Media Studies, Hunter College, CUNY); Sharon Zukin (Professor of Sociology, Brooklyn College, CUNY); [[Anette Baldauf]] (sociologist)
DirectorAlice Arnold


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