Aranka Israni - City walk

9:49, 2010, Experimental
City Walk, a live video mix by Aranka Israni, is a journey through intersecting points. Through the pathways and vistas of her moving imagery, the viewer is taken on an excursion through city streets, where the junction between time and space, and between multiple cultural experiences circulate simultaneously. The journey is one where the eyes and ears fluidly interact, where rhythm and footstep are jointly composed. By revealing the roads of her own inspiration, Israni travails cities like New York and Mumbai, bringing together images of Bollywood and Graffito into a space which is all her own. It is at once vibrant and meditative, pulsating and serene. The disparities between macro and microcosm collapse, and Israni opens up a world where the divine and the daily unite. The viewer is invited to engage in a space where effervescence can be found in everyday reflection. Through these moments of unraveling, the city grid is no longer left intact. Sound and color engage the viewer in a powerful layering of imagery. Israni enjoys the opportunity to “walk with her audience,” and with City Walk, she asks the viewer to dance.

DirectorAranka IsraniProducerAranka Israni


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